Greenhouse industry - Denmark

Date: 2019-11-19 10:43
In the large greenhouses of Østervang Sjælland in Varpelev, Denmark, a whole new dimension has been set and maybe a new trend for the concept of solar thermal since such large solar heating systems in Denmark have so far been associated with district heating.
Growing vegetables in greenhouses in Denmark requires energy and heat - plenty of heat. Therefore, the heat exchange station at Østervang Sjælland can be compared with a medium-sized power plant.
 Director Peter Krage, one of the owners of Østervang Sjælland, has a "2020 plan". Peter Krage explains: "Our ambition is that the energy consumption must be reorganized and optimized, so that the use of fossil fuels can be reduced by 20% compared to the 2010 consumption. In 2010, we used 14,296 CO2 allowances. At the time, that was below the maximum allowed, but with the introduction of new stricter rules in 2013 the consumption went above the allowances, which has of course also been an important incentive for us to think about energy optimization”.