Tibet Langkazi Large-scale Solar District Heating Project

Date: 2019-11-19 10:43
Location: Langkazi County, Shannan Tibet; Altitude: 4,500m.
As the first piece of work presented by Solareast Arcon-Sunmark in Tibet, this mega project consists of solar heat source plant, district-heating grid and terminal heat radiators. The solar field, water storage and heat-exchanging station within the solar heat source plant were designed by the joint technical team of Chinese, Danish and German experts, who also guided and supervised the construction
The 1st phase of the Project features a gross collector area of 22,275 m2 and a hot-water storage capacity of 15,000 m3. In the 2nd Phase, the number of solar collectors and terminal radiators will be increased, till reaching a total heating area of 156,000 m2.
The annual heat production capacity of the Project is 37,408 MWh, among which 29,029 MWh is produced in the heating season, accounting for 90% of the total heat demand.
Langkazi Large-scale Solar District Heating Project is now bringing everlasting warmth to more than 1,000 household families and public buildings in the whole county. It is a large-scale high-efficient application of clean energy and most importantly, a project in the public interest benefiting the country and the people.