The only cooperative partnership
  In 2016, the kingdom of Denmark embassy in Beijing, sunrise east solar co., LTD. (with the term and the four seasons song mu dual brand) and VKR holding group (with Arcon - Sunmark brand) jointly held a signing ceremony for the joint venture company established, sunrise east, founder and chairman of Mr Xu, VKR holding group and Arcon - Sunmark chairman, chief executive of Torben S ø rensen Mr And VKR holding group CEO by Mads Kann - Mr Rasmussen jointly signed the cooperation agreement. Joint venture will focus on solar energy heat utilization field, for the Chinese solar energy across a seasonal heat storage heating, provide systematic solution large-scale solar thermal engineering, committed to the large solar system technology, project design, construction, product line complete, marketing, engineering, operations and other high-end solar heat utilization in the field of engineering construction.

    Together, to develop solar heating experts
    Solareast is Chinese solar energy, air and water purification system suppliers, it is the leader of solar-thermal industry in China, Arcon-Sunmark is the solar-thermal applications company in Europe, by combination, to build the world's largest consortium, we stood in two giants shoulders, has the resources and support from the industry leaders ,we will committed to provide large-scale solar heating systems solutions for Chinese customers.