The cost of the sun is always the same: zero. Even when you take the cost of the facilities into account, large-scale solar thermal installations will generate the lowest possible heating costs. Hence, it will stabilize the price of your heating on a low level. While the cost of fossil fuel energy is fluctuating (and rising over a long-term period), the price of solar thermal energy is fixed. And you will know all costs from the start, meaning that the price of a MWh can be fixed over a 25-year period. That is independence!


The sun is the cleanest of all energy sources, and the most powerful source of sustainable energy. It emits no CO2. A typical solar heating installation will reduce a district heating plant’s CO2 emission by about 2 tons a year for each household it supplies. Furthermore it makes no noise, does not smell and does not spoil the environment.


Lean and effective installation of the perfect large-scale solar heating system demands expertise. Our many years of experience and countless references have given us a unique insight into the various stages in planning and installation of a system. We have optimized every single stage. From planning to financing, from construction to installation and to the perfect operations.