Heating China

    China is the world's largest market of district heating, with long heating period and large heating demands, and district heating accounts for about 25% of the total energy consumption.Currently, fossil fuels is the main source of heating, in which coal accounts for about 70%.
    However,coal is one of the main sources of air pollution, especially the fog haze , according to the state council in 2013 to the requirements of the action plan on prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, by 2017,coal will account for below 65% in the total energy consumption , and by 2030, non-fossil energy will account for 20% in primary energy consumption, due to these,  the clean reform of heating system is imperative.Make full use of renewable energy resources is the most economical solution that can reduce the pressure of environmental protection, meet the requirement of cutting coal consumption, and can also realize green energy transformation.
    In recent years, under the guidance of policy, renewable energy heating obtained fast development,  during 2011-2015 ,achieved 50% growth, among these, solar energy heating utilization is the largest .
    By 2015, the solar collection area is 457 million square meters, alternative standard coal about 50 million tons. But at present, solar heating market in China is still mainly focus on small and medium-sized system solutions,
    As  the rapid development of solar district heating and industrial application market, large-scale solar heating demand in China is expected to be significantly increased  in the next few years, the data from solar industry  shows,
China will become the world's largest solar heating market,  share of more than 70% in global market.