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Construction of sichuan province science and technology asso

Date: 2019-07-27 23:59

       Construction of sichuan province science and technology association and China association of building energy conservation experts visit Tibet wave clip projectOn May 9, 2019, construction of sichuan province science and technology association secretary-general Hou Wen, China association of building energy conservation Yang Xi wei, deputy secretary-general of senior engineers, such as a line of eight people, at sunrise east kang mulberry mark accompanied by the general manager of peak, examines the south city wave clamp county county solar central heating engineering.Experts within the heat source plant, for my company's efficient large flat collectors collection efficiency, heat storage tank of heat storage capacity and heat preservation effect gave high evaluation.
       Of alpine high altitude in Tibetan areas large solar district heating technology route is approved, for the safety of the heating season solar central heating systems, smooth running, give full affirmation, 100% for solar assurance.In depth the user experience in the home after heating effects, experts are satisfied with the indoor temperature, industriy praised it as a good project, to get rid of the Tibetan history cow dung burning heating in the winter, greatly improved the living conditions.
       In addition, for my company adopt the strategy of "priority to passive and active optimization", on the local part of the building energy-saving renovation and the thinking of comparison, summing up experience, the experts gave the affirmation and praise. In addition, the panel from professional perspective, energy-saving building exterior reform put forward some valuable opinions and Suggestions, if you want to merge with local architectural features, attention should be paid to energy conservation transformation of economy, safety, etc.



Experts on the wave figure note: visit clip project counties