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Let the sun bring us warm in the future

Date: 2019-07-27 23:58

       Let the sun bring us warm future - sunrise east kang mulberry mark shock "2017 high altitude (Tibet) solar heating technology seminar" on November 28th, alpine areas (Tibet) "2017 solar heating technology seminar" held in holy Lhasa paradise intercontinental hotel smoothly. Sunrise east kang mulberry mark CEO summit headquarters senior experts, Denmark Hans Grydeh ø j was invited to attend and keynote speeches respectively. CEO summit has done for the conference entitled "the big solar heating of the heat storage technology and case sharing" speech, with multiple solar heating of the heat accumulation successful cases as the breakthrough point, the comprehensive elaborated the large-scale solar cross season heating of the heat storage technology, the advantages of stability, economy, and analyzes in detail the characteristics of the heating market in Tibet and the broad applicability of this technology. Mr Hans kang mulberry mark the Danish headquarters company introduced at the same time, points out that more than 80% of the big European solar thermal storage heating system by kang mark, sufficient material and perfect technical solution for all parties participating in the development and utilization of Tibet solar-thermal resources to solve the problem of clean heating on for a reassured. Peak in Tibet and puts forward some Suggestions to the development and utilization of solar energy resources, its flexible financing modes for comprehensive brought infinite possibility in solving the problem of heating in Tibetan areas, highly praised by participants, especially the related government department. Sunrise east kang mark will work together with colleagues, wholeheartedly for the local government and the people within easy reach of warmth.