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Tibet wave clamp county county heating project officially st

Date: 2019-07-27 23:58

      In 2018 for the sunrise east kang mulberry mark is a brand New Year, is a good start a year! The Tibet autonomous region: at the beginning of the New Year, the first national solar heating key demonstration project - south city wave clamp county county solar heating project construction, marks a new type of solar heating technology, large-scale solar cross season officially settled in domestic high cold regenerative heating system heating of the high altitude areas, make use of solar energy as the main heat source provides a cleaner, cheaper and more efficient heating service become a reality. It is understood that the project for the first time, USES the international most advanced efficient large flat solar collector, single contour area is 15 ㎡, collection hot area of 22000 ㎡, regenerator design for large heat storage pool, heat accumulation volume of 15000 m after the total area of about 180 mu. Its design is too Yang to assurance rate is as high as 92% of the rare, can be very low cost of operations to meet after the completion of the services at the same time the county about 90000 ㎡ heating requirements, benefiting more than 6400 residents of the city. In the early period of the current engineering design work and all the preparatory work has been completed, the construction work is orderly, the principal part of the project is expected in October 2018, former built powerstation, implemented by the end of heating. After the completion of the project will become Asia's largest solar energy across a seasonal heat storage central heating engineering, and become the world's first in the 4500 m high altitude of successful application of solar heating demonstration project.